Odyssey 2050 - A climate change film to motivate young people

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Odyssey 2050 - A climate change film to motivate young people

Copyright & Credit: Odyssey 2050

Odyssey 2050 is a computer-animated feature film focussed on climate change to be released in 2013. The movie aims to educate and motivate young people from across the world to take positive action to protect the environment.

While Costa Rica has a reputation for its natural beauty, national parks and nature it is less well known as a centre for animation excellence, however the Odyssey 2050 animators Daniel and Miguel Bermejo of Synchro Studio are changing this, as Odyssey 2050 looks set to be a groundbreaking Costa Rican success.

Currently a twelve minute short of the film is available on YouTube (and below) which outlines the plot of the film. It begins in the year 2050 on an alien spaceship with extraterrestrial travelers discussing how Earth has suffered significant environmental damage from human activity.

Witnessing such environmental deterioration they decide to return to the present day to warn the next generation about state of the world that awaits them. This film short is available in Spanish with English subtitles, with an English and Arabic version in production.

Odyssey 2050

Copyright & Credit: Odyssey 2050

A unique aspect of Odyssey 2050 is audience participation. Over the past few years young people from across the world have submitted work and videos highlighting their efforts to protect the environment.

Their footage and ideas are being incorporated into the film to ensure that young people have a platform to express their concerns. In doing this Odyssey 2050 hope to engage young people and challenge them to search for positive and innovative solutions for environmental problems.

Since its inception Odyssey 2050 has achieved a great deal and this film has been used in workshops across the world. It has received recognition and support from Costa Rica's very own scientist and NASA astronaut Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz, enjoyed the collaboration of Thelvin Cabezas, (Avatar, Beowolf), it was named 'cultural and public interest' by Laura Chinchilla, the President of Costa Rica and promoted by Foreign Commonwealth Office Minister Jeremy Browne in 2011 when he gave awards to Odyssey 2050 'champions'.

Odyssey 2050 is active on various social media platforms and is seeking donations to continue production through its fundraising page on Indiegogo.

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